Typhoon Season

Typhoon spins,
northeast winds at first;
as it draws closer,
gales gust,
bringing rain bands
slanting sideways
blown in torrents
creating lakes from puddles
up-side-downing umbrellas.

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Hong KongDeborah Mannas

Three smartphones,
six earphones
attached to white wires
tangle in the side pocket of
my wine coloured backpack.
inserted un-together,
once in, they mingle,
wrangling and vying for
bus ride plug-in.

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humourDeborah Mannas
Lilies and Koi

This hot summer's day
invites a stroll by the pool
where lilies spread
on broad leafy beds
and Koi circle below,
glinting and gliding,
slow and cool
as you please.

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loveDeborah Mannas
crisis magnet

She churns mail at midnight
grinds round the clock
swings from sugary sweet
to grating as a rock.
a woman in a man's world:
equating achievement
to non-stop adrenaline,
like a wild swinging pendulum.

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