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Three smartphones,
six earphones
attached to white wires
tangle in the side pocket of
my wine coloured backpack.
inserted un-together,
once in, they mingle,
wrangling and vying for
bus ride plug-in.

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humourDeborah Mannas
Don’t Get Stiffed

brands are available in Shenzhen
costing a fraction of the original
falling off trucks with abandon
so anyone can be fashionable

Rolexes, Taylormade clubs
designer clothes, handbags
Shenzhen is one of China’s hubs
where tourists will be sandbagged

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humourDeborah Mannas
Feel the Burn

There is an alternative form of fun
from waking up to run
which could be quite interesting
generating similar heat and friction
but goes quite easy on the shoes
when a different sort of rubber's used

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humourDeborah Mannas
Modern Art

A friend of mine’s having an art show
I declined because my ankle’s sore
she said she be sad if I didn’t visit
There are chairs, she added, you can sit

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humourDeborah Mannas