Typhoon Season

Typhoon Season

Typhoon spins,
northeast winds at first;
as it draws closer,
gales gust,
bringing rain bands
slanting sideways
blown in torrents
creating lakes from puddles
up-side-downing umbrellas.

What once stood tall
and offered shelter from sun
now bends double,
leaves and branches
shielding trunk
limbs snap
but tree still stands, grateful
for soil quenching
and deep rooting

Signal hoisted warns
to stay indoors;
we watch the show
behind taped doubleglazed windows
our pollyanna armour
from shattering glass
and Thor projectiles,
as wind tunnels
through elevator shafts
into apartment corridors...

then hunker down,
stew on the fire,
hot mugs of coffee,
buttered toast,
watching TV;
out of the way of
unhinged hoardings,
misdirected missiles,
storm surges.
thanking God
for unplanned family time;
we're not alone.

Hong KongDeborah Mannas