Multi-faceted and passionate creative

Deborah Mannas was raised in a traditional society, by an untraditional family, in which no topic was taboo and debates on social issues were standard dinner fare. From a young age she clearly understood her role in speaking out against injustices, and her career trajectory and creative works reflect these values.

She has an irreverent sense of humour and sometimes injects a quirkiness in her work that surprises her fans. She tells a story with a combination of deep human understanding, playfulness, pragmatism and sometimes sorrow, but always displaying the core of strength and resilience that defines her.


Her love of music began early and she has been singing from a very young age.

Deborah Mannas grew up in Bangalore, India. She has been singing almost since she could speak. She has been performing solo from the time she was eleven, accompanying herself on guitar and winning prize after prize for her vocals.

Like her anglo-indian heritage, her musical influences are diverse, from folk, to rock, to pop, jazz, theatre, classical and choral. She has performed in musical theatre, rock, dance and jazz bands around Hong Kong for years.

In the last 2 years, Deborah has produced as many albums, performing her music live across HK, including on RTHK radio and TV.

the non-conformist

Deborah’s multiple interests allow her to find meaning in her job of developing strong and responsible organisations, producing her music, and cherishing her family and communities.

Refusing to be boxed or labeled, her work reflects the things that move her. The songs she sings are always varied and interesting, whether they are original material or covers.

...her singing touches the hearts of many.

Deborah balances work, motherhood, music & social responsibility.

Her focus has been on driving positive, fair, transparent and inclusive environments for as long as she can remember. An HR professional with years in leadership, her niche is Organisation Development and Talent. She has a BA in Psychology, Sociology and English Literature, and an MSc in Training and HRM.

She believes that living a whole and fulfilling life makes us more capable, more loving and more goal oriented.

Social Outreach.

Deborah is an invited guest speaker on any number of HR forums. She is an alum mentor of The Women’s Foundation, has recently joined forces with the Male Allies to build male champions within her company; she works with Community Business and other D&I champions to drive inclusive workplaces, and with Kids4Kids in their mission to empower and give hope to under-served children in Hong Kong.

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