Three smartphones,
six earphones
attached to white wires
tangle in the side pocket of
my wine coloured backpack.
inserted un-together,
once in, they mingle,
wrangling and vying for
bus ride plug-in.

my hand digs in,
pulls out strands.


Apple picks the cheapest
most sticky rubber
to insulate the
sound-carrying wire.

tugging twines tighter.
stubby buds meld whiter.

bus rides to stop...
I shove mess into jacket pocket
board, swipe octopus card
find a seat.

resume detangling.
fingers seek,
hold, shake and
bounce, yo-yo like.

memories of
playing horsey horsey...
children unstick and
fall through spread knees.
die hards surrender to

now Iā€™m listening ...
hands folded
until next trip.

humourDeborah Mannas