Moving Landscape - Tung Chung

Moving Landscape - Tung Chung

My life moves by landscape,
from my fiftieth floor
apartment balcony...
mountainous background,
oceanic foreground,
cargo laden ships anchored;
inbetween, aircraft airborne
or touching down,
with casual orchestry.

Below, automobiles -
cars, buses, motorcycles -
zoom up and down lanes,
while giant cement mixers,
bamboo scaffolding and cranes
meet buildings rising rapidly.

Ant-sized beings swim in pools,
lob microscopic tennis balls,
go on foot towards crowded malls,
spandexed insects cycle on purpose paths;
ambulance screams as a jumper falls.

To the right, dredging, reclaiming - lands created
highways, bridges - territories connected.
To the left, airport express trains flashing;
crystal cable cars to Big Buddha steadily swinging.

Modern history is on the march
while mammoth mountains
and rising oceans watch,
awaiting further incursions.

I count time in building uprisings
and receding ocean voices.

Hong KongDeborah Mannas