Limericks of Positivity

Limericks of Positivity

There once was a girl oh so kind
To other's meanness mostly blind
She went through life quite free from strife
'Cause of friends who watched her behind

There once was a man full of hope
Who was fully determined to cope
Despite many setbacks, he made great comebacks
By expanding his comfort scope

There was a small boy full of cheer
Who jumped out of bed quite eager
though he had no toys, he spread many joys
and all those he met held him dear

There was a young girl who was thoughtful
Her considered response to things fraughtful
Was to say with warm voice, it is truly a choice
for the things that we have, we are grateful

There was an old man who was learned
Everything that he had he had earned
Eternally curious, he never got furious
His reactions quite intellectually discerned

There was a smart woman always calm
When experiencing cause for alarm
She did not panic, or become manic
Deep breathing helped her plans to form

There was a good mum quite selective
of consuming things environmentally protective
The things that were not, she recycled a lot
Understanding all life is connective

There was a teenager who launched a resistance
Against bullies, despite their persistence
He stood up for truth, protecting his worth
and exposed their harmful existence

There was a fit guy who was wise
In ensuring daily exercise
He would wake up at dawn to go for a run
His performance at work no surprise

There was a family who shared so much love
Hugs and kisses were never enough
Communication and compassion were always in fashion
cascaded with grace from above

limericksDeborah Mannas