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crisis magnet

She churns mail at midnight
grinds round the clock
swings from sugary sweet
to grating as a rock.
a woman in a man's world:
equating achievement
to non-stop adrenaline,
like a wild swinging pendulum.

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From Great to... ?

India has rule of law. in theory.

but when there is a traffic accident
the driver of the larger vehicle
jumps out and flees
fearing that a lynch mob of
will take justice
into their hands,
without following the rule of law:
presumed innocence
and due process.

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offspring from lawless state
evil sexual predator
thought your fancy doctorate
gave you rights above all others

you hired me for your project
measuring skeletons and X-rays
thought you'd nail the village idiot
you never dreamed I'd get away

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Happy Families

As I pass by happy families
parents, children, strolling by
I wonder if beneath are stories
of more than just what meets the eye
that look, that glance, that glimpse of interest
I know they wonder, same as I

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Girl Child

I see a lush garden
chiccos, mangoes, papayas,
guavas thrive
flowers live along side:
roses, lilies, dahlias, and
queen of the night
has just closed her arms
waiting to embrace another dusk.
a small white fluffy Pomeranian
barks around me frantically,
birds in overhanging branches
tweet cheerfully,
welcoming the sun.

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