When Coolant’s lose their cool

Car stops at light
sliver of white
wafts past the window
is that smoke
or is it steam
or dust from the road?

Pollyanna passengers drive on.
next stop
wisps are waspier
dusty roads, we say.
car gauges are silent.

Through the west tunnel
stop at the toll gate
white wisps now billows.
can’t jump out.
will the car blow?
12 year old on crutches in back
“Mom are we going to die?”

toll guy checks it out
guides us to a shoulder
bonnet up.
looks like coolant’s busted
We turn on the engine.
the gauges scream.

tow truck pulls car,
us in cab.
Kid on crutches,
mom, sis and dad.

Engine undamaged.

familyDeborah Mannas