Missed Connections

Terminal 2F at Charles de Gaulle Paris was evacuated today
Cancelling our flight out of Bordeaux
And forcing us to stay
the night

2F has been aptly named
As it has indeed effed us twice

On the way in AF missed
getting our bags on a connecting flight
with eight hours to spare
On the way out they didn't tell us
the flight was cancelled
So we sat for two hours in chairs
at the gate
They thankfully admitted it when asked and rerouted us a day late
This time we made sure we off-loaded our cases

Then they put us into a hotel - two rooms for our family of three
They promised us a hotel shuttle which they said would be free
But Mercure hotel apparently didn't know the drill
So we ended up having to take a taxi
Rather than wait in the cold

We look forward to seeing
The rest of the saga unfold
As we complete our journey home
1/3rd of the family in one hotel room
And 2/3rds in the other
A literal disconnection

familyDeborah Mannas