Lenten reflections

Lenten Reflections

(1) dawn crawls over blanket of white
crystals sparkle, reflect the light
black of night gives up its yearning
like the darkness ‘fore Easter morning

see the sun rise through renewal
watch new life through grateful tears
and in the dawn of our Christ’s burial
I cast off all my doubts and fears

Jesus oh saviour
you gave your life for me
lived on earth to undo sin and
set the whole world free
saviour, deliverer
compassionate and just
Lord of love and peace
in you I place my trust

winter now, the trees are bare
we wait for springs revival
when buds and saplings paint the air
reflections of survival

and so you breathed life into earth
filled our world with wonder
your birth, your suffering to your death,
your perfect risen splendour


SpiritualDeborah Mannas