kitty kronicles - i

dear human pets

i speak for myself and my sibling
when i say
thank you very much
for taking us in
i wish however
you didn't keep our litter box
in your living room
so that everybody
especially humans unknown to us
can watch us doing our business
even though we attempt to cover it up
with the odd looking paper pellets
you use as a cop out for sand
it is awfully embarrassing
we realise your apartment is small
but the spare bedroom would work well

thank you also for
deworming and deticking us
while i understand
the good intentions behind both
the process was most uncomfortable
as was the next few days
inspection of said litter box
for dead worms and shredded ticks
who do you think we are
we are hygienic to ocd extremes
and it was not at all surprising
that there were no dead bodies
of any sort
so there

your neighbour in the meantime
has a truly ripe smelling
and tick ridden dog
which would benefit
from a shampoo
and deticking
and also likely a deworming
and can we please wait
for the next elevator
because quite frankly
his smell is nauseating

familyDeborah Mannas