There are no coincidences. If you approach life believing that, you learn to seek learning in every interaction and experience. Life is parallel, sequential and connected from all over the place! How awesome! The song “When Time Stands Still” from a poem I co-wrote with a Buddhist friend, is a reflection on how we create the future in decisions made in the now: that moment when time stands still. I remember each connected incident that triggered the next step as if it were yesterday. Even the bad ones were good ones. I am grateful for all the people who have came into my life, so I could grow.

After we moved to Tung Chung over 10 years ago, I joined the church choir, where I met AgnesQ, our musical director. I’d been searching for the right creative partner to work with on my music for years, and by the end of 2017 I started getting almost itchy with the need to get my songs out. So one afternoon late 2017, I called Agnes… knowing she had a crazy schedule (Agnes is a trained opera singer, director of the Venetian boys choir in HK and a vocal coach, plus being the leader of Soul Sessions and mother of two). I didn’t imagine she’d have the time for me, but I thought, at least she may know somebody who can help me. When I called her, I said “I know you’re really busy, otherwise I’d ask you, but do you know anyone who can work with me to back my songs...” Her response, without even hearing the songs was “I’ll do it”! I promptly sent her the sound files from my iphone… and here we are. From starting out just intending to do a two woman acoustic set of 3 songs at the Wanch, we ended have two original albums (so far) under our belts!

Late last year I received a call from an agent/musician friend who asked me if I’d sing at a well known jazz venue with their “house-band”. I’d never met the house-band. But I accepted the gig anyway. Turns out the “house-band” was comprised of Amy Winehouse’s ex-guitarist, Robin Bannerjee, and two other superb and well known HK musicians and who’d never met each other either! And so, with no rehearsals, we ended up playing cold from 8pm to 11pm, just feeding off each other’s musicianship and positive energy. I made new friends and felt my musical growth and confidence take a gigantic leap forward. Robin plays his sublime guitar on five songs in the Magician album!

I have so many connected dots in my life... with The Women’s Foundation and fellow mentors (super strong and accomplished women), with Community Business, with Kids4Kids, my own strong sisters, the lovely women who interviewed me, an unknown artist, and some dear dear friends who stood up for me against other female bullies…

There are no coincidences, all is Serendipity.