Living a Whole Life

Hong Kong is a city where people work long hours with little time or energy for family or hobbies. Mental health is a taboo subject, and yet studies show that mental well-being is being rapidly eroded and getting people to talk about it is hard. Family breakdowns, depression, suicide, drug abuse is growing. Yet, the single largest thing people seek - of meaning in their lives, a connection to a higher purpose - seems like a luxury and a distant fantasy at the crazy pace of life here and the struggle just to live.

So it’s no wonder that I’m often asked how I juggle my career, my family and my music. And my response is, I don’t have a choice. To not do one or the other would make me a lesser person. I don’t work for the money (well of course I do, but I wouldn’t be able to earn it if I didn’t love my job and wasn’t good at it). My meaning at work is to develop my people and build their skills. My family gives me hope, love and support every day. They are my own. And my music fulfills me and makes me bearable to my colleagues and family! And so, I make time for those things.

What I eliminate is being anywhere voluntarily where I don’t feel buoyed and exhilarated. Walk away from negative people. Social events are rife with keeping up with the Joneses. Never have a FOMO!