A wonderful week of Living a Whole Life

From last week to this, it’s been wild!

I promise you it’s so rewarding to be able to use your talents in so many areas of life. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. Though I’m now recovering with a weekend away with the family at Disneyland hotel, heh!

Rounding off a busy week, over lunch time last Thursday, 5th September, I went to RTHK to meet Phil Whelan, the host of Morning Brew, with my two beautiful musician friends, AnyesQ and DaphneV, to have a bit of a chat and sing a couple of songs live on the radio. Then I went straight into work calls and meetings after that for the rest of the day! haha.

The next day, Friday, 6th September, I was one of the keynote speakers at HR Magazine’s conference at the regal hotel, sharing what we were doing at my company to build young leaders.

Saturday, 7th September, I spent the morning at Kids4Kid’s impactful event, Powered By Youth, running a workshop on the POWER OF VOICE, where about 20 teenagers discussed social issues, what they were passionate about, their musical influences, co-created verse and melody and created a song which they performed for the other participants at lunch! OMG, a proud moment!

Later on that same evening, seeing my son sing and read the Psalm at church and be part of the children’s choir and the youth band made me prouder still!

And then on Sunday, 8th September, I flew to Manila, to meet the millennial teams participating on our developmental project. Whew!

I can tell you that when I flew back to HK on Tuesday the 10th evening, I was exhausted, but rather pleased with myself.

And so life goes on, the weeks fly by. There is never enough time to be miserable. Thank you Lord!

Lots planned for the coming weeks, so stay tuned!