Women Empowerment

Your energy belongs to you. Gravitate towards people who feed that energy positively. The moment you allow someone to sap it, you have given them power over you and your choices.

As mothers, wives, professionals, we are under so much pressure to conform to expectations coming at us from every direction. Work, family, peers, social norms, cultural and religious pressures…How can we give of ourselves when we are everything to everybody but ourselves?

I’ve been on a journey of self empowerment over these past few years. Yes, there was a trigger and yes, perhaps I’d been in denial, but ever since I decided to not allow anyone else to influence my energy and fulfillment, I’ve never looked back.

When you give, give from a place that is voluntary and loving, not resentful. If you can’t give, don’t. Learn how to say no gracefully, grateful for being asked, but regretful that you can’t contribute. Take what is offered graciously, learn how to ask for what you need for yourself. As a woman, it’s so easy for us to make requests on behalf of others; super hard to ask for ourselves. It’s taken me a while to give myself permission to unlearn that pattern of martyrdom, and I’m still on that journey.

Empowerment is a personal choice. Make it and never be resentful again.